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When substance abuse affects you and those you love most, the Greenfield Center offers a chance to get your life back on tract. The doctors and staff are here to help you, every step of the way.

Jacksonville’s Premier Treatment Center for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

The Greenfield Center is a Florida licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, located in Jacksonville’s Riverside Campus of the St. Vincent’s Medical Center. Check out the detailed information on our Intensive Outpatient Program!

We realized that many who come to this website are looking for information to help someone else. A common question encountered is, “What are the signs of addiction?” While the following linked page is tailored towards alcohol abuse, the same symptoms can often be found in other drug addictions.

Follow this link for the “5 Signs of Alcoholism For Initial Addiction Diagnosis.

“Everything beautiful has a beginning and the beginning was here…”

The Greenfield Center has been working with alcoholics and other drug addicts since 1987 to help them improve their lives. The Greenfield Center has worked with thousands of men and women to help them overcome the powerful hold a chemical addiction can have on their lives.

If you are suffering from a drinking problem or addiction to other chemicals, do not hesitate to contact our addiction doctors now!

(904) 389-3784 (DRUG)

All clinical staff are licensed or certified by the State of Florida. All staff members are in recovery for addiction or co-dependency. The Greenfield Center cares for patients and will provide the emotional, physical and psychological support they need for a successful recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

We are well trained to work with alcoholics and other substance addictions including, but not limited to; pills, cocaine, heroin, marijuana and even nicotine.

Admission for Treatment

The Greenfield Center offers an intensive outpatient program that can be scheduled as needed. You can learn more about the process by clicking this link: Getting Treatment for Alcoholism or Drug Addiction

Services Offered by the Greenfield Center

The staff at the Jacksonville alcohol and drug treatment center can help you with obtaining the treatments you need for addiction. In addition our team can help you with the legal system by providing legal assessments, expert testimony or court apearances. To learn more about our services, such as intervention organizing and counseling, please see: Jacksonville Addiction Treatment & Services

Questions? Contact the Addiction and Rehabilitation Doctors

Our team is here to help you when you need it most. If you or a loved one is suffering from chemical and substance abuse issues call us at (904) 389-3784 (DRUG) or contact us here.

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