The Mental Health Industry’s Treatment of Addictive Disorders

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Dr Brian Jackson, AD, CAP

The following is part of a publication from Dr. Brian W. Jackson.

Is There a Connection Between Psychiatric Disorders and Addiction?


Today, people are very conscious about their physical and mental health. A person is considered healthy if he/she is in good physical and mental equilibrium.

Years ago, people did not attach much importance or pay that much attention to mental health. But with societal development with concomitant mental stress and its impact on both body and mind, it is now considered an important issue. For a person to be considered healthy, they should satisfy certain minimum conditions. A mentally healthy person is ready to accept his strengths and limitations as they are and possesses the ability to control his feelings and emotion. He is aware of his roles and responsibilities in life in terms of their obligations to society. If a person is not mentally healthy, it may mean that he may have some illness that needs to be treated.

From a psychological point of view, this condition may be called a psychiatric disorder. According to the book, A short Test Book of Psychiatry by Niraj Ahuja, psychiatric disorder is defined as a “disturbance of i. Cognition (i.e.Thought), or ii. Conation (i.e. Action), or iii. Affect (i.e. Feeling), or any disequilibrium between the three domains.” (A short text book of psychiatry by Niraj Ahuja, 2006, p.1.).

Psychiatric disorder is a familiar term in the modern world. It can occur in a variety of demographics, from children to the elderly. There are many contributory factors for psychiatric disorders, like depression and anxiety. The addictive abuse of drugs and alcohol, etc., could be prime reasons for psychiatric disorders. Addiction is defined as “A chronic relapsing condition characterized by compulsive drug-seeking and abuse and by long lasting chemical changes in the brain.” (Definition of addiction, 2009). Addiction means obsession, engrossment or extreme psychological dependence on one or more specific things. For addicted people, functioning of the body and maintenance of mental equilibrium depends upon the regular supply intake of the substances to which he is addicted. People can be addicted to things like drugs, alcohol, sex, the internet, work, etc.

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