Is intervention the right thing to do?

Intervention saves lives.

Intervention may also save marriages, other family relationship, and jobs. It can provide direction toward a manageable life style and an enriched quality of living. People who get sick with the disease of alcoholism or other drug addiction can and do get well.

Intervention is the beginning.

What is the best form of intervention?

Intervention is a dynamic, positive group action designed to assist an individual to accept treatment for a disease the individual may not even know they have. Chemical dependency is a complex disease involving the individual, the family, and others who play a part in their life.

In the business or work place, supervisors, associates and co-workers collaborate to present to the individual a crisis in their life. In the family setting, family members, friends and significant others may all join together under the direction of the intervention therapist. The group will present recent behaviors to help the individual choose help. Participants become united in their efforts to accomplish intervention.

The Intervention Process

Through intervention, the individual is given the opportunity to become aware of the fashion in which they are presenting themselves to others. Each person present shares their observations, concerns and feelings, and how they would like the family member to get help. Treatment is offered. Departure for the treatment center is anticipated to take place immediately following intervention.


It is the most caring thing one can do for another.

Intervention is the beginning!

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