Results from Addiction and Cost Statistics

The following is part three of a publication from Dr. Brian Jackson.
Part 1 – Introduction to Cost Analysis of U.S. Addictions
Part 2 – Financial Cost of Addictive Disorders
Part 3 – Results from Addiction and Cost Statistics
Part 4 – Treatments for Addiction | Effectiveness and Cost Analysis

Addiction Cost Results:

The estimated mean cost per admission for non hospital residents was found to be $3,132 and the mean cost per admission of outpatient methadone treatment was estimated as $6,048. The mean cost per admission for outpatient non methadone facilities was calculated as $1,169. A total amount of mean cost per admission in general is $1.849 in the United States. The admission of outpatient methadone treatment is found to be costlier than the mean cost per residential and outpatient non methadone treatment. This is because outpatient methadone treatment needs longer periods of treatment when compared to outpatient non methadone treatment and residential treatment.

The residential care costs a total of $62.20 per enrolled client day. The mean cost per enrolled client day for outpatient methadone treatment is found as $10.32 and the mean cost per enrolled client day for outpatient methadone treatment is totaled as $9.17. Many sub care types are present in both residential as well as outpatient non methadone and methadone treatment and this can cause variations in the cost estimates given above. Residential treatments include detoxification services and rehabilitation services. Outpatient services included educational sessions in large or small groups, regular outpatient service which had an hour per week counseling sessions and intensive outpatient services with counseling lasting for several hours per week. Methadone treatments included both methadone dosing and counseling for the patients. The variations in the estimates can also be due to the change in prices of different services offered by the medical personnel.

The mean cost per reported visit for outpatient methadone treatment was $14.50 and for outpatient non methadone treatment, the mean cost per visit was $21.80.

The cost per counseling hour for individuals for outpatient non methadone care is estimated as $75.65 and the cost per group counseling hour per client for non methadone outpatient care is $7.90. Residential non hospital treatment care and outpatient methadone care facilities had additional inputs and outputs and there is a chance that the amount derived as cost per counseling hour for these would overestimate the cost of counseling.

The study also has estimated the mean hourly rates for full time staff in all three types of care. It is found that Physicians have an hourly rate of $51.59 and Doctoral level counselors have $27.86 as their mean hourly rate and these two groups have the highest mean hourly rates. Registered nurses have a mean hourly rate of $18.71 and master’s level counselors have the same as $16.95. Bachelor level counselors’ mean hourly rate is estimated as $14.15 and administrative staffs and non degree counselors have the lowest mean hourly rates as $12.04 and $10.83 respectively. The mean hourly rate of other medical staff is estimated to be $13.49. These estimates are calculated according to the rates of 1997 and can be much higher in 2008 – 2009.

The mean proportion of personnel costs to total costs is highest in public health care systems and is 78% while private non profit health care systems and private for-profit care systems have it as 72% and 79% respectively.

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