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If you are looking for information on how to recognize and alcohol drinking problem please see: The Five Signs of Alcoholism

The Greenfield Center is an Intensive Outpatient Treatment facility that has been treating alcoholics for over twenty-five years. Alcoholism is a progressive disease that gets worse and worse if not arrested. Heavy drinking can lead to various health problems and even death. Alcohol affects the entire body negatively if consumed in large quantities on a regular basis. Some diseases have been directly related to alcohol dependence and abuse. These include but are not limited to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease (i.e., fatty liver, fibrosis, and cirrhosis). While many men and women are able to drink socially, most of the clients we meet with either have family troubles, legal issues or suffer from alcoholism, drinking to get drunk.

Alcohol Abuse | Family History and Genetics

There are many indications that there is a strong genetic predisposition for the disease of alcohol dependence and abuse. When evaluating and assessing a patient’s treatment needs, we often find a history of alcohol or drug abuse on either the paternal or maternal side of the patient’s family tree, or sometimes both sides of the family.

Alcoholism & Mental Health

Additionally, there may be a history of mental illness. This is important because about seventy-five percent of the patients we see have a dual diagnosis. The most common conditions associate with drinking problems or drub abuse are anxiety, depression, PTSD, unresolved grief, childhood trauma, and mental, physical, and sexual abuse.

Consequences of Abusing Alcohol

Often times, alcohol is used to self-medicate these conditions and only worsens the problem. Continued use of alcohol can lead to a physical and psychological dependence. Most of the patients we see have had negative consequences directly related to their drinking. These include legal problems, family problems, and employment problems. Financial and health problems are commonly present as well.

Alcoholism | The disease can be treated!

It is important that the alcoholic realizes that they have a disease. What started out as fun has now become a problem that is consuming their life and their happiness. Once the alcoholic admits that they have a problem, the chances of sobriety and good recovery are greatly enhanced. Rarely have we seen people stay sober if they come to treatment because some outside situation is the only reason they are seeking treatment. Some are here only to save their marriages, jobs, or driver’s license.

Private Therapy and Group Sessions for Alcoholics

The Greenfield Center is able to provide group and individual therapy for the patient suffering from alcohol addiction or drinking problems. Our program is a 12 Step alcohol treatment program based along with a healing of the heart and spirit. The importance of this therapy is to realize that you are not alone and that things will get better as you move into sobriety and live one’s life without the crutch of alcohol.

Medications to Treat Alcohol Abuse

Many times we include medications to curb cravings while the patient is stabilizing and engaged in treatment. Campral is an anti-craving medication that can greatly reduce physical cravings. The patient can be prescribed Naltrexone in a pill form or in a shot called Vivitrol. These medications will reduce cravings and greatly eliminate the “drunk” euphoric affects if the patient was to drink while on these medications. There is also a medication called Antabuse. This medication is an aversion therapy approach. If the patient was to drink on this medication they would become ill with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Group, Individual, and Family Therapy to Treat Alcoholism

There is no silver bullet medication to stop the disease of alcoholism. However, medication along with group, individual, and family therapy can help patient’s to experience a life of sobriety and to learn tools to deal with life on life’s terms sober.

Fighting Against Relapse & Staying in Recovery

Over and over again, we see people get well. We see marriages heal, we see jobs restored and forgiveness and understanding returning to the individual. Self-esteem begins to return.

Patient’s no longer have to be comfortable being uncomfortable in their alcoholism. They can now live a life of sobriety where they are comfortable in their own skin.
There is a solution. Alcoholism is a disease that can be placed in remission and with the help of others and a willingness to change; you can be free of alcohol addiction!

Get Help for Alcohol Abuse Now!

The staff at the Greenfield Center has worked with hundreds of men, women and young adults fighting the battle against alcohol. We can help you regain control against the powerful forces that may be seeking to destroy you. Give us a call now if you or a loved one needs help. It can save a life.

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