5 Steps to Avoid Addiction Relapse

The following are five steps that will help you avoid a relapse back into drug or alcohol addiction. If you are afraid you may fall back into the pattern of an addict and out of recovery, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  1. Don’t bottle up your feelings and let them build up inside of you; let them out instead. If you go to treatment groups as a part of your support, use them to express your emotions and feelings. This way, you’ll be able to let off some steam and get help from peers who are experiencing the same thing and mentors who have been where you are.
  2. Get involved in hobbies or other activities to occupy your spare time. Take up running, play an instrument, volunteer at a retirement home, enroll in some classes at your local college or university or learn how to paint. Don’t let yourself get bored!
  3. Avoid friends and acquaintances that don’t support your recovery and your journey away from alcohol and drugs. Surround yourself with family and friends who support you and can help you if they see you starting to slip.
  4. Avoid situations that may place you in the path of temptation. This includes physical environments as well as emotional circumstances. If you must go places or be around people who cause you to dwell on the time when you were addicted, be sure that you have an “escape plan,” so that you can get out as quickly as possible.
  5. Finally, if you do slip up; don’t think of it as a failure. Pick yourself up, and keep moving forward. Don’t let one slip become an excuse to return to an addicted lifestyle. Rather, let it be a lesson and a reminder that you must remain vigilant, resolve yourself not to let it happen again, and contact one of your supportive friends, peers or mentors to help you through this tough time.
This chart shows the factors that may lead to alcohol or drug abuse relapse.

This chart shows the factors that may lead to alcohol or drug abuse relapse.

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